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 On the one hand I am investigating the multifaceted problems and affects of extractivism at a social, political and phenomenological level, and on the other hand I use my artistic practice as a celebration, playfulness and ceremonial acknowledgement of the value of life imbued in materials and nature.

I enjoy drawing, printing and making artist's books, but I also work with
sculpturevideo, and performance, which can include musical interventions or the public's participation. I am also drawn to installation work where these media can articulate and compose a universe, at times aimed at creating new mythologies that interpret visions of a post-human and post-anthropocentric world, via a path of making kin with other beings, may they be real, microscopic, fictional, meta-objects, or a mix of these.

The conflation of science and spirituality is at the crux
of my motivation, thus themes of vitality of matter, reverence and animism are present in some of my work, while scientific jargon, data or concepts can be simultaneously manifested.

Language is a loyal cornerstone of how I develop some of my thinking.


I use my body as a vehicle to express actions, or to experience situations. The focus on process or on the final result fluctuates. I create art that is concerned with change and a sense of unification (as opposed to separation from nature) and how this is paramount to the understanding of the cosmos as matter.

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