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Ferreira-Norman's artwork started from the development of phenomenological proposals on Geology, and it takes frameworks from other disciplines such as Biomimicry, Stratigraphy, Microscopy and Linguistics. She uses artefacts from previous works as building blocks for the overarching body of work.

Being an earth keeper working with soil and biodiversity, has made her practice more focused on the value of life and on matter's vitality.

With political and social preoccupations, and openly running commentary at times, she utilizes ceremony as an expansion of actions to explore the relationship between surface and depth, the physical world and the immaterial, the visible and the invisible. She has been experimenting with scale as means to convey an acentric philosophy, and with sound vibration, and is interested in creating new cults where nature's mythology is contemporaneised wherein ancient and scientific processes and perspectives converge.


Grounded in Haraway's concept 'Making kin' and in soil, water, the forest and microlife, Ferreira-Norman creates artworks that are concerned with the phenomenology of change and how this is paramount to the understanding of the cosmos as matter.

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