Ferreira-Norman's artwork develops phenomenological proposals on Geology, and it takes frameworks from other disciplines such as Biomimicry, Stratigraphy, Microscopy and Linguistics.

The overarching body of work stemmed from political and social commentary, but has recently gained a more metaphysical dimension, utilising ceremony and text, conflating scientific and indigenised perspectives to be rendered as complementary and not as a dichotomy.


The practice explores the relationship between surface and depth, the physical world and the immaterial, and uses actions and its debris as artistic methodology. These actions while rooted in activism, manifest in artistic vocabulary often in relation to matter and materials.

Influenced by her activity as an earth keeper, biodiversity and the value of life is now central to the practice. Grounded in soil, water, the forest and microlife, Ferreira-Norman currently brings a research-led artistic practice to the foreground using performance and drawing as artefacts, and uses writing as a tool for the advancement of the practice itself.