Having visited Rob Kesseler's exhibition in association with The Royal Microscopy Institute, in Oxford and realising that art and science was 'a thing', I took on the opportunity of visiting the lab due to my fascination with surface and depth. I was then experimenting crushing books, so I was interested in seeing how different types of paper looked like when scrunched, cut, ripped, twisted. 

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It so resulted that I managed to have 6 + 2 samples of paper looked at under the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). Preparation is key and the samples needed to be dried and prepared in a gold coating device. There was a stud, which contained 4 samples at a time and these were really really small. A triangle of about 2 to 3 mm lenght of paper. I looked at the composition of fabriano paper, carbon paper, tissue, nylon based and common backpaper book paper. This visit gave me insights into the fractalian nature of the world, allowing me to visit the inside of the inside of the inside of matter. The greater the zoom the more patterned details I would find. 


I am trying to do the same again with different types of plastic to be able to produce work about this and to know, visualise and understand why can some be recycled and others can't. Please get in touch if you know of relevant funding.  

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