Having visited Rompetrol before, one of the things that most fascinated me and that I wasn't able to take a decent shot of was the bare flame coming out of one of a refinery's chimneys. I see it as the archetypal image of burning fossil fuels. Therefore my trip to South Killingholme had the usual aims (visit the inside of the refinery and acquire crude) and in addition I wanted to collect footage of the flame. 

I remember very well in Romania, not only the smell but also the incredible noise that the flame produced, especially at night time when everything is quite. I wanted to capture this, but unfortunately I chose the worse day in the year, visibility wise, to do so. As I do preliminary scouting of the place, I am chased by security and asked to leave the area. Further to this, I had to meet the Police for further clarifications and I was told that the picture of the pipeline was a threat to the refinery's security, as I could be scouting the place for acts of terrorism. 


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