When visiting Lincolnshire because of the two oil refineries and needing a break from noisy London, I chose to stay in Nettleton, an area that was well known for chalk and ironstone extraction. The beauty of the orange, which bled across the moss in the vicinity of the quarry was striking and the contrast of colours as impressive as the size of the quarry itself. Once again, this abandoned property wasn't quite abadoned, as a man and a dog were pacing the area. It felt to me that it was just a bad coincidence, but I didn't want to trespass.

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The hole was wider than deeper, it zig-zagged and in the winding of the paths the chalk was visible as well as the orange at the bottom, as if it were a poudery lagoon of orange. 

Some old equipment was also abandoned and I later found out the quarry was for sale for £450, 000.