Currently working with multiple associations on various projects, all working in and around ecology, art and community! 

- Emerge, has become a partner with Matéria Cíclica. You can learn more about the project Jardim Azul here.

- Largo has invited Matéria Cíclica to be part of Rua+ and we are champions of the Sustainable and Art Neighbourhood part of the project. You can learn more about the project here.

Upcoming exhibitions:


* Lausanne, Switzerland

* Group show with Matéria Cíclica, Peniche

* New body of work to exhibit in Torres Vedras

2023 - New body of work, Torres Vedras


Currently working on releasing 6.1 imminently and finalising 6.2 which are 2020's issues. Still during this year will be releasing Volume 7, which is the 2021 volume.


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