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The list of books and websites on this page is a symbolic representation of the work of the artists that inspire me conceptually, visually, professionally, methodologically, skillfully.... you get the gist.

nursery rhymes.jpg

Paula Rego's work only became known to me when I was studying in England. It was a few years later that I had the pleasure to go to Casa das Histórias, soon after its opening in 2009, and see the greatness of the work of this painter, printmaker, illustrator. Her oil pastel works are gigantic and some of them are painted in aluminium sheets, which gives the pastel a more runny texture, allowing a shine through strokes, and seemingly appear as a whole as actual oil paintings. It's an impressive technique, full of vigor in its mark-making. The Museum is a piece of art in itself and it does echo a sense of elfitude, that of creatures living in a house devoted only to them. The power of her work also comes through in the form of the most delicate lines when using printmaking as a medium, and an impressive technique of mood enhancing with shadows , cross-hatching, aquatints creates further drama in pictures that are already touching the grotesque. Her work is also of extremes, and within these the surreal and the real are equiexistent.

sophi calle.jpg

'M'as-tu vue?' CALLE, Sophie, Prestel, Munich, Berlin, London, New York, 2003

This book, inaugurative of Sophie Calle's work, is a piece of design in itself. The amalgamation of differently sized cut pages illustrate different projects, whitin the scope of the documentation and the simple exploration of the artist's presence within the piece. Is the artist there? Is it meant to not be seen? Is it meant to be seen, but pretend to be invisible? These and other questions are answered in the form of documentary sets of photographs, which are often subtitled with the artist's views. Some of her work is sculptural, other is written, and this book also compiles interviews, sketchbooks, notes and graphic work from the artist. Her aesthetics echoe through Fine Photography what I see as a clean wittiness and a sharply layed out experimental life on canvas.


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