Narratives on Walls - Argentina

In May 2014, I went to Argentina to learn how to play the accordion. At that time, I was starting to put together resources to open an arts events space, and my aim was to allow for an artist to take residence and produce artwork that would culminate in an exhibition. The venue, FunTimes, is based in Hackney Wick, and as a resident for 4 years, I could see the street art growing everyday. So I started looking for street artists to take part. In the mean time, I then went to Argentina, and I soon realised, in the historical centre, that the walls were alive. Not only with recent styles and stories, but also in all sorts of mediums, dated from a long time ago. I looked into it, and realised the street art scene is not only vibrant, but also taken seriously and community based but it stretches across all the city. The works I have seen revealed a fantastical carisma that I don't encouter in London/Hackney.

Below, is La Boca. A very turisticky area, but for a reason. The houses are all painted in vibrant colours, there are puppets on the balconies, telling stories from the past, there are political murals in squares, on footbal stadiums. It's incredible, you don't get any grey in La Boca!

The power of the walls are also political and a community tool.

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